Senin, 14 November 2011


What are you doing now?
I think, mmm.. i'm thinking about something and another thing.

What are you thinking about?
Ouh.. I'm not so sure what's that.

Who are you thinking about?
Mmmm.. Of course.. mmm.. i'm not sure who's that.

What you wanna do?
Me? I just wanna scream loudly. Yeaaaaaaaah..!!

If it can, i wanna reinstall my brain. So much to think. So much to tell but no one listed.

Do you know how it feel when you want to tell and share something about what you do and what you feel today, but no one around you?? So lonely.

Nope, there are some people here. But, should i tell about those things to a person that you just know their name? Haaaaah..

And suddenly i wanna go to caraoke room, sing and scream, and after that i wanna eat everything i want, meet the peoples that i want to meet, my family, my friends and go somewhere with them. Aaaaaa.. I wanna go home for sure. Miss them so much. Do they miss me? T.T

And i just wanna do something like i did yesterday. Meet peoples in the crowded place, go somewhere like i usually do in Medan, almost everyday. If somedays agoo i've a plan where to go every i wake up, but now, i just can ask myself, who's gonna take me out from this place? Hahahaha..

Ok, enough. May be these all come because i don't have something to do. Hope i will get a job soon, and then i will move on to the town. Amiiin.. :)

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