Rabu, 27 Januari 2010

Sok nginggris dulu aaah...

Back in college I always wanted to be that bubbly girl who could talk about anything to anyone. Unfortunately, I was born shy and too concerned about how people would react if I said anything, so most of the time I just chose not to talk at all. In fact, before I answered or asked anything, I thought twice about it, and, in the end, it was often too late to even say a word.

I remember two things that my teacher said in the class one day: “There is no right or wrong answer, as long as you can give a reason for what you are saying.” “And there are no dumb questions, just ask, because the rest of the class might be as lost as you are, but they just kept quiet too.”

Those two lines kept me thinking and I realized that being shy will get me nowhere, because no one can read your mind! If you have an opinion, just say it, or else others will think you just don’t have anything on your mind. And that’s just too sad if you actually have the greatest idea ever.

When we started to change and open up, our relationship with our friends changed too. We feel closer to them now more than ever, because they understand the “true” us. They accept us for who we are, even though sometimes we have different views on things. Well, I guess that’s friendship!!

Real friends will never force us to be on the same page. They will accept difference and stay as true friends, no matter what…


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